British Rum. Reborn.


We ferment & distil our own rum from cane sugar at our distillery in the heart of Oxfordshire.

We are proud to be one of a handful of distilleries that make their own rum from scratch in the UK.

Wild Oxen Rum. Rum Reborn.

Premium Craft Rum


Having complete control of the process from start to finish, it allows us to craft our own style of premium rum with a house signature to it.

After a long fermentation process to create a unique flavour profile, we distil the rum with our distillery powerhouse, a 650L copper hybrid still, Big Phil.



Barrel Aged Rums


We have laid down our delicious white rum in a wide variety of barrels from around the world.

Whilst we have no exact release date just yet, we hope to have a few exciting releases of aged rum in 2024.

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