Contract Distilling

White Label & Corporate Gifting

Using one of our stock gins or rums we can brand the bottle with your custom label for your brand or company. This can be done in 70cl bottles or 5cl miniatures and turnaround time is extremely quick.


Bespoke Gin & Rum

If you are looking to launch your own gin or rum brand then we would love to help you develop a custom recipe. Minimum order is 60 bottles and this process usually takes 6-8 weeks depending on how many rounds of development we need. 


Bulk Contract Supply

Whisky: We can ferment & distill single malt new make spirit using a stock of tried & tested yeasts for varying flavour profiles. We do not have the facility to age spirit on site. New make spirit is supplied cask strength in 200L drums or 1000L IBCs.

Rum: We can supply white rum in bulk 200L drums or 1000L IBCs made using cane sugar or molasses depending on the style required

Copper Pot Distilled

We distil all our spirits the traditional way using our two copper pot stills. They play a huge part in producing our smooth & flavoursome award-winning spirits.

One Shot Method

All our gins are distilled using the ‘one shot’ method. Only purified water is added post distillation and we don't use concentrates, artificial colours or flavourings

Small Batch

We produce hand crafted spirits with the utmost quality. Our batches are no more than 130 bottles so we can keep total control on production quality levels.