Whisky founders Club

Become a member of one of our whisky clubs & join us on this incredible journey

These exclusive clubs are limited to 100 members and will allow you to join us on our exciting journey to releasing our first cask of single malt English whisky in summer 2026. 

Our distillery is putting the craft into English whisky production, using very unique fermentation methods with 2 yeast strains & a modern column still design, our new make spirit is extremely well structured and full of fruit & spice. 

Our house style of whisky will be unpeated and predominantly aged in ex-bourbon barrels from Makers Mark, one of the finest American whisky houses. But what will truly set us apart is our single cask programme where our new make spirit will be aged full term in extremely rare and unique casks from around the world. You will see whisky releases that haven’t yet ever been done and being single cask releases, the number of bottles will be very limited. 

There are two clubs available to join, the Founders Club & the Discovery Club. Both memberships enable you to follow our whisky as it matures over the years and both clubs offer very good value for money with some great benefits. 

I would love for you to join me on this incredible journey and support our distillery. If you have any questions at all then please email us.

Discovery Club
Founders Club