Our story

Abingdon Distillery started out as an idea in Hong Kong some years ago whilst working abroad. The lack of quality & limited selection of gins out there fuelled a bit of an experimental phase where we began dabbling in distilling to produce a worthy gin we could sip & enjoy.

It wasn’t until 2018 that we decided to setup shop in Abingdon-on-Thames and start to fine tune the recipe that would become our signature London Dry gin. It took us a fair few goes to get it spot on, with over 50 batches trialled, and we are super proud of it! 

Abingdon has a long history that stems all the way back to 676 when it was founded. Not only does it hold a claim to be the oldest inhabited town in the UK, but by the 13th Century it was a bustling market town with traders visiting from all over the country & Europe. Today, we embrace that travelling trader history & it fuels our exploration in creating spirits using botanicals & casks sourced from all over the world

About Us
Copper Stills

All of the spirits that we make are produced by our 2 beautiful copper stills, Jenny & Angela. They were both handmade for us in Portugal and have a distilling capacity of 100L between them (That’s about 130 bottles per run). Our stills are key to our distillation process and they play a huge part in producing smooth spirits with fantastic flavours. Being 100% copper, they remove the impurities & sulphur-containing compounds from the spirit vapours during distillation. Simply put, without our two girls we wouldn’t be able to produce our award-winning gins.

Our new distillery is now open in the heart of Abingdon at the historic Coxeter House building. 

Our bottle shop is open Thursday to Saturdays and tours are now available to book on Saturday afternoons at 2.30pm. Head to our tours page to see full details and live availability.

Although we aren’t a public bar, you can hire our distillery bar area for a private event or corporate function. Please give us an email to enquire if interested.

We look forward to you seeing you down at our distillery in the near future.

Abingdon Distillery

Copper Pot Distilled

We distil all our spirits the traditional way using our two copper pot stills. They play a huge part in producing our smooth & flavoursome award-winning spirits.

One Shot Method

All our gins are distilled using the ‘one shot’ method. Only purified water is added post distillation and we don't use concentrates, artificial colours or flavourings

Small Batch

We produce hand crafted spirits with the utmost quality. Our batches are no more than 130 bottles so we can keep total control on production quality levels.