We are passionate about producing spirits in a sustainable way, reducing our carbon footprint as much as possible and making sure we grow our distillery in a responsible manner for the future.

100% recyclable bottles


With our new bottle design we have eliminated the plastic tamper seals and replaced with paper variations, which means our bottles are now 100% recyclable.

We recently launched our gin refill pouches which enable our regular customers to keep using the same bottle at home reducing the carbon footprint that goes into producing a new glass bottle for each order and the relevant weight savings for transport.

Plastic free packaging


Our packaging is also totally plastic free as we have teamed up with eco-packaging manufacturers Flexi-HexTM for all our delivery packaging.

Their lightweight boxes & super durable honeycomb sleeves are made from FSC certified paper and they are fully recyclable, biodegradable and even compostable.

Reducing our carbon footprint


We are delighted to announce that our distillery is now part of a global sustainability programme by Ecologi.

We have estimated our distillery’s annual energy consumption along with our staff’s carbon footprint and have offset these by donating towards tree planting initiatives for new forests & mangroves in Madagascar & Mozambique, peatland restoration projects & converting landfill gas to energy around the world. See the impact we have had here

Green Energy


We now use an energy supplier that is supplying us with 100% green energy from renewable sources around the UK.

We don’t get any energy from fossil fuels! We hope this will make a little dent in cutting global CO2 emissions by going 100% green.

Copper Pot Distilled

We distil all our spirits the traditional way using our two copper pot stills. They play a huge part in producing our smooth & flavoursome award-winning spirits.

One Shot Method

All our gins are distilled using the ‘one shot’ method. Only purified water is added post distillation and we don't use concentrates, artificial colours or flavourings

Small Batch

We produce hand crafted spirits with the utmost quality. Our batches are no more than 130 bottles so we can keep total control on production quality levels.