Our Malted Barley


Provenance & terroir are key to whisky production. To produce a high quality whisky we use the finest Laureate barley available for our mash.

Working closely with our grain supplier Warminster Maltings, we use two-row spring barley sourced from Oxfordshire farms.

This malt stands apart from the rest, traditionally floor malted by hand to allow maximum flavour extraction.

Our Fermentation


We are putting the craft back into whisky production, using open-top wooden washbacks that have been lightly toasted on the inside to activate the oak.

The wash is fermented slowly over a 7 day period keeping a close eye on temperature & pH levels.

Our head distiller has carefully selected not one, but two different yeast strains to produce a super fruity beer full of complexity & flavour.

Our Distillation


Our 650L hybrid whisky still, Big Phil, was custom made for us and tailored to the style of whisky we want to produce in one single still run.

The first part of the distillation sees our new make spirit pass through the whisky helmet of the pot. The large bulbous design maximises copper contact with the alcohol vapour creating more reflux and a smoother spirit.

The second part of the distillation run engages our 6 plate column section creating a lighter bodied spirit with an incredible structure to it.

Our Maturation


Our house whisky will be unpeated & predominately aged in ex-bourbon casks from Makers Mark distillery, one of the finest American whisky houses.

But what will truly set us apart is our single cask programme where our new make spirit will be aged full term in extremely rare & unique casks from around the world. Pushing the boundaries of traditional whisky profiles.