New Cherry Gin Launches

It’s Launch Day – Introducing our brand new CHERRY GIN 🍒

An absolute autumn & winter banger. This gin stays true to our house style with piney juniper prominent alongside voluptuous maraschino & sweet spices. Absolutely no sugar/flavours/colours added!!!

We are extremely proud of this gin after starting work on this 12 months ago. Unfortunately we were let down at the 11th hour from a cherry supplier and had to shelve the launch until this years cherry harvest season. This gin has been created with sustainability in mind as we got 75kg of cherries from a fruit farm that were destined for landfill. They were either too small, too large or contain minor skin imperfections that made them unsuitable for their supermarket contracts. Fortunately for us, they taste just as good so we stuck them in some gin!

We soak the juicy cherries in our gin base for 7 days before we add fresh vanilla pods, orange zest & a sprinkle of cassia to finish.

Delicious when served with Indian tonic water but equally as good with bitter lemon or a lemon tonic water & orange garnish. Or why not break the rules & serve with cola… 👊

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