Sloe Berries & Damsons Needed!

Calling all sloe berry pickers. We need your sloes! Harvest season is almost upon us and we need berries for our next batch of sloe gin that will come out in October 2024.

We will also take Damsons this year!

Every 3kg will get you a half bottle of this years sloe gin release in a few weeks.

PLEASE NOTE: We require sloes to be delivered to our distillery in specific conditions otherwise they will be rejected. See full details below.

  • Sloes must be ripe. That means no hard berries, they should be soft and bouncy like a ripe blueberry.
  • No stalks attached to the berries. This turns the gin bitter.
  • Berries must be washed, free of insects, dirt & leaves.

If you wash them in the sink and fill with water, you can also discard any off/mouldy berries that float. Good berries will sink.

You can deliver them to us frozen or fresh. Please do contact us to let us know you are coming to the distillery to drop off.

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