Exploring English Whisky Review

Since our whisky making is in full swing we have sent a little sample of of our new make spirit to Richard Foster, CEO of Exploring English Whisky, for a review.

Richard is not just a fellow whisky enthusiast, but also a spirits writer & cask curator. We are delighted with what Richard had to say:

“Never judge a book by its cover, or a whisky by its new make spirit” – said no one, but it’s an oft held view on this rarely sampled distillate. Craft whiskies, such as those distilled in England, are produced specifically to deliver greater depth of flavour through quality ingredients, longer fermentations and lower, slower distillation. The result is a clear spirit that – pending the careful use of casks throughout its maturation – will deliver flavours that will still exist in the finished whisky and therefore play a greater role than some mass produced spirits in shaping the eventual taste. Abingdon’s new make is a delightful mix of grainy notes, stone fruits and cherry jam, alongside hints of baking spices and light creaminess. Delicious on its own (tasted at 45% ABV) this is a hugely promising new make that, unfortunately, will only be making very small batches of whisky for the foreseeable. If this matures as we expect, this will be a very sought after liquid in three year’s time and one we can’t wait to enjoy (If we can get our hands on a bottle when it’s released!).

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