Cherry Gin


Our voluptuous cherry gin. Dry in style with fruity notes. Sweet spice & piney juniper. 40% ABV – 50cl


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Introducing our newest release with sustainability in mind. We have sourced 100kg of cherries that were destined for landfill from a fruit farm. These cherries were rejected by their supermarket contracts for being either too small, too large, or have visual imperfections. Fortunately for us, they taste just a delicious as all the others that did make the cut.

This dry gin is made by soaking these juicy English cherries in our gin base for 7 days followed by the addition of orange zest, cassia & vanilla pods. There are no added colours/flavours/sweeteners to this gin!

Tasting Notes –
Nose: Maraschino & juniper
Palate: Forest fruits, black cherry with candied orange
Finish: Warming spice with soft vanilla in the background

Signature Serve – Serve tall over ice with Indian tonic water or lemonade with a slice of orange. Try a delicious winter serve with a premium cola!

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